How to protect your PC from viruses and hackers?

The security of a computer must be taken seriously by all of us. Indeed, with a PC connected to the Internet, we are exposed to an ever-increasing number of threats. To make matters worse, these threats are scattered and you have to fight on several fronts to ensure the security of your PC.

How do I get infected ?

  • By installing trapped software (cracks, keygens, fake security software, software repacking, etc.), which act as a Trojan horse by opening doors in your system to give access to malicious programs or users;
  • By consulting compromised websites (legitimate pirated websites);
  • By not updating your software, you expose yourself to the exploitation of a security bug in your operating system, your web browser, your PDF reader, your software using Java technology …;
  • By opening infected attachments in your email software or webmail;
  • By not using antivirus software or firewall software. However, since Windows includes Windows Defender antivirus and Windows Firewall, there is little chance that you will not have one.

As you can see, the infection of your computer is mainly due to careless behavior! To protect yourself from viruses and other malware, it is therefore necessary to apply strict security rules when you use your PC..

This is a complete guide that covers all the security rules to apply in order to be certain that your PC is protected against viruses and other malware?

I will explain to you how to effectively guarantee the security of your PC and allow you to say goodbye to viruses!