How to Protect MS PowerPoint Presentation 2013?

Power point is basically commercial presentation program developed by Microsoft. Power point consists of a number of individual pages or slides. Slides consist on text, graphics, media files and other objects which can be inserting easily. Bunch of slides create presentation.

Professionals use this software for making presentations when they want to address a large number audience. Power point provides numerous functions and features that make presentation professional. One of the features provides the ability to create presentation that includes sound files, designed to run, narration and laser point.

Power point also has the feature to prevent the presentation from the access of other person. In this article we are explaining how to protect the presentation in Power point 2013. Now we will learn how to save our data in presentation from unauthorized people.

Steps for Protecting Presentation:

v  When you tap the down arrow of protect presentation, a list will be appear for protecting the presentation.

v  The options in the list are given below you can choose one of them according your need.

¨      Mark as final  (Make the presentation read only)

¨      Encrypt with passwords  ( Set password for presentation)

¨      Restrict access  (Install Windows Rights Management to restrict permission)

¨      Add a digital signature  (Add a visible or invisible digital signature)

digital signature