How to Insert Table in MS Word:

 A table consists of columns & rows. The cells are formed where columns & rows intersect each other. The cell contains data or information. The user can insert text or numbers in a table   and sort them. Some calculations can also be performed in tables.

The following procedure is used to create table using menu in MS word 2007

ü  Go to Insert tab.

ü  Click on table

ü  A drop down list will be appear with different options

o   Insert table by selecting with cursor.

o   Insert table by dialogue box

o   Draw table

o   Excel spreadsheet

o   Quick table

1. Insert table by selecting:

 In this option you can add table by selecting the rows and columns with mouse pointer by grid.

2. Insert table by dialogue box:

              By using this option you can insert table by mentioned the number of rows &columns according to your table.

3. Draw table:

            Using this option you can draw the borders of table then draw rows n columns according to your need.

4. Excel Spreadsheet:

              While using this option, spreadsheet open in front of us. Then afterwards you can easily select ur desired rows & columns.

5. Quick table:

            In this option there are built in form of tables like vertically,horizontally,matrix, tabular list and double table.