How to Insert Smart Art Graphics in your Power Point Presentation 2013?

PowerPoint provides to users a different and nifty option that is Smart Art. It a feature that helps us to add graphic in predefined layout. By using this we can insert different type of useful diagrams to our slides. With Smart Art you can create lists, process, cycle, hierarchy, relationship, pyramids and picture diagrams etc.

Smart Art allows you to communicate information with the help pictures instead of using text. Only text contain presentations loose the concentration of listener, reader or viewer. For maintaining and retaining the viewer’s contact with presentation we have to use this sort of feature.

This feature contains a large number of variety f styles from where we choose it and out then into useful idea which is beneficial of the user. The diagram created by Smart Art consists of different elements such as lines and shapes. The pictures and graphics of smart art is according to the need of user so you don’t have to make it manually.

Basic idea of smart art is to present the bulleted list and interconnection of shapes. Only difference is that in Smart art diagrams that how it presents the bulleted list graphically.

Insert Smart Art Graphic:

§       Select the slide where you want to add smart art graphic.

§       From the Insert tab >go to Illustration group >click the Smart art command.

Insert Smart Art Graphic

§      Choose a Smart Art graphic dialogue box will be open.

§      Select a Category from left pane.

§      Diagrams of the selected category will show.

§      Go to the desired Smart Art graphic.

§      Click Ok button.

dialogue box