How to Display or Hide Formulas in Excel Cell?

A formula is simply a mathematical expression that uses numbers, cell references or both. A formula can use only numbers but in Excel most formulas you build will contain at least some references to others cells containing some numerical values.

For instance calculating the percentage of a value or converting a figure to another currency requires a formula. One of the reasons formulas are so potent is because if any cell referenced by the formula change, the result of formula updates instantly.

There are two easy steps you must follow every time you need to create a formula.

·        Move to cell where you want result to be.

·        Hit the equal (=) character.       

The result depends on what the formulas needs to do.

Display Formulas:

Sometimes we need to show formulas instead of results. Here come 3 methods for this action.

The below procedure tells that how user display formula in spreadsheet.

·        1st Press Ctrl+` key.

·        2nd option is that open the workbook which contains formulas and you want to display.

·        Press the Formula tab > ribbon will come> Go to the Formula auditing > click on option of Show formulas.

·        In 3rd method click the office button>drop down list come>press the Excel option >a dialogue box open name as Excel option>click the Advanced button> scroll down the page > a heading come with name Display option for this work sheet> afterward tick the check box of Show formulas in cells instead of this calculated results.